Digital Mailbox Rental

Digital Mailbox: Receipt, Digital Scanning, Emailing And Delivery


Step 1: Your postal mail arrives at our store using your unique, Shore Business Center address in Long Beach, CA, USA.


Step 2: When your mail arrives at our store, our staff scans the front of the envelope and packages. An email notification will be sent to you and the images are uploaded to your secure online account.

Step 3: Upon logging into your secure online account, you can view your mail and packages on any device with internet access.

Open and Scan
You can request to Open and Scan your envelopes and we will scan the contents and make them available to you online.

Shred & Recycle

You can request to shred and recycle your mail using our in-house commercial shredder.

 Mail Forwarding

Forward any selected mail or packages to any address worldwide.

Download PDF

You can download your scanned mail contents in PDF to be saved on your computer.

Physical Storage

We’ll keep your envelopes and packages securely stored at our store until you tell us what to do with it.